Spring Wedding, Green & White

Wedding season is upon us! This weekend I did a wedding at the Belle Meade Plantation. The bride chose flowers in shades of green and white, a beautiful palette for Spring and for the landscape of the plantation. The reception was in the Carriage House.

Bride's Bouquet was composed of hydrangea, white garden roses, ranunculus, orchids, freesia and hypericum berries.
The bridesmaids carried bouquets of jade roses, garden roses, orchids, Kermit mums, and hypericum berries.
The groom, groomsmen, father and officiant all wore an orchid boutonniere.
The ring bearers had boutonnieres of Kermit mums and hypericum berries.
One of the corsages made it into this woman's hair, and I thought it looked lovely!
Gorgeous cake by The Sweetest Day. Absolutely PERFECT frosting, shape, corners, decoration, you name it. I've not seen many cakes this good. I added the flowers to match the overall floral theme of the wedding.
Another shot of the flowers on the topper. The orchids were exquisite, and the garden roses had the most heavenly scent!
The reception was decorated with two types of centerpieces, these were on a beautiful wrought-iron stand.
The other tables had these neat lanterns, and I placed flowers at the base.
An overview of the carriage house. It looked so romantic with the sun going down and the mood lighting inside, I just didn't get a picture of that.
The following are different shots of the decorated posts. I used Bells of Ireland, roses, snapdragons, amaranthus and curly willow with greenery.
Finally, there were several lanterns filled with flowers showing the way from the Carriage House to the garden where the ceremony took place. A set of lanterns like this one flanked the ceremony.

Mint & Sage were the photographers for this wedding. Check out their blog for their post on this wedding.


kimi said...

I SO WANTED TO DO THIS!!! love love love the greens!

kimi said...

the picture of the flowers on top of the cake show a freesia bud! OH my heck is that stunning! love the contrast without a huge contrast if that makes sense

Mint & Sage Photographic Artists said...

YOU make your flowers look good, not me! :) I have some things I will send you asap! :)

Carmen said...

The flowers were absolutely stunning!!!! I could not have asked for anything more!