It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

Thanks, Billy Idol for a great line. The flowers for this wedding were all white hydrangeas, with some roses, stephanotis and stock to accent. The bridesmaids wore black dresses, and the reception was decorated with white and black linens and white candles.

The altar arrangements were full of some of the best hydrangeas I've ever gotten to work with. Every stem was larger than normal and fat with blossoms.
The bride carried white hydrangeas with white roses and stephanotis. Very classic.
The mothers carried a small nosegay of white roses with stephanotis.
The reception was at Global Cafe downtown. What a neat venue! All the tables at the reception had a square vase filled with hydrangea, and accented with lily grass to give everything a more modern feel to match the reception space.
The cake lady and I filled the layers between the cakes with white hydrangeas. I love flowers on cakes!

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