Lovely Flowers at St. Henry's

This weekend I did some work for Rhonda Patton for a wedding she had at St. Henry's: two altar arrangements, pew markers, and mother's nosegays. The bride's colors were green and purple, but Rhonda chose a classic and timeless all white and green palette for the altar arrangements. The arrangements ended up being about 4 feet across and 4 feet tall!
The pew markers brought in the purple and green theme. They tied in beautifully with the bridesmaids' plum dresses.
One of my favorites among up and coming trends is mothers carrying a nosegay as opposed to wearing a corsage. They give you something to do with your hands, nosegays are beautiful, and after the wedding you can put it down and not worry about people smooshing it in the receiving line or pulling at your dress all night!

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