Governor's Club - Fuchsia Pink and Lime Green (Cheery for the Cherrys)

Labor Day Weekend (sorry, I am so behind in posting my pictures) I got to do some amazing flowers. The bride carried a bouquet of "Yves Piaget" garden roses and green cymbidiums. It smelled as good as it looked! I think those garden roses are my new favorites.
The ladies all lined up. The vases for the bridesmaids were line with ti leaves, and the bouquets were used as table centerpieces, and economical use of your flower budget. The bouquets get to do double-duty as flowers for the bridesmaids and everyone gets to enjoy them during the reception, too.
The bride wanted all the tables to be different, I love that. I used different heights and styles of vases for each table.
Krystal Mann, of Mint and Sage Photography, did the pictures for this wedding, and has posted her photos. Go check them out on her latest blog entry.

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