Totally Luxe Garden Texture

I am fairly certain this wedding has become one of my favorites. The textures in the bouquets just takes my breath away! This design had rich roses, hydrangea, viburnum, rosemary, lavender, lamb's ear, anemones and seeded eucalyptus.

UPDATE: photos from Gray Photography are in! They are spectacular. I've included them here at the top. Check out their website and blog, their work is fantastic. The photos I took are after.

The grounds were stunning in May, lush green everywhere. I love those rounded hedges in the background. The bride chose flowers that really went with the Plantation's look and feel.
Sweet couple! I love the dark pop the anemones give in the black and white.
All the pretty ladies! So much fun!
The use of sunlight here is just amazing to me - so fantastic!
Loved the boutonnieres for this wedding, dendrobium orchids and rosemary.
The little bouquet for the cocktail tables. The anemones were just amazing.
I love that my arrangement is on display here, like a museum piece.
I have to say, Gray Photography was a joy to work with. They worked really hard, even on a hot day, and the photos are just lovely, I can't say it enough.

And now, back to my regular photos. The bride's bouquet. Gardeny, rich, soft, spectacular.
The bridesmaids carried rich bouquets in green and white. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I love these textures.
The altar arrangements did double duty. Not only did they flank the altar area of the ceremony, one was placed at the table assignments, the other on the buffet line. A great way to enjoy your flowers all night long!

In the garden for the ceremony. I love the light coming through the trees.
Altar arrangements in the warehouse. A close-up so you can see all the lovely textures going on in it.
Arrangements in the Carriage House were comprised of wheatgrass, flowers and lit twigs. They added a really nice ambiance to the evening.

The cake two ways: the toss bouquet as the cake topper.
or a more traditional design to the cake topper.


Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

Oooh love it! Thanks for the shout-out! Again, beautiful flowers!!!

Casey Burke Bunn said...

Oops :) This is where I meant to write!
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful couple. It must have been so much fun! Love it!