Dark Purple and White

Last November my little brother got married and I had the privilege of doing the flowers for his wedding. His wife picked a palette of purples and white. She carried Picasso callas ringed with dark purple callas.

My brother wore a single Picasso calla accented with lily grass.

The mothers wore corsages of callas and dendrobium orchids.

All the other flowers were whites and purples.

The pew markers.
Entryway arrangement.

On the staircase leading up to the ceremony area.

And I have to brag, a little. My daughter got to be the flower girl, and my son the ring bearer. My daughter was old enough to have an orchid halo to wear. My son, however, was a very naughty 20-month old at the time, and I didn't even bother trying to keep a boutonniere on him. We got him down the aisle by bribing him with Skittles - he had a mouth FULL of Skittles by the time he got to the altar area, and was drooling rainbow-colored drool. It was awesome.

The photographer took this fantastic shot of my little girl. Just had to share.

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