Silks for Mere Bulles Restaurant

I recently created silk arrangements for Mere Bulles Restaurant in Maryland Farms. It was a challenge to design multiple arrangements that a lot of people see every day, would look good in all seasons, and also retain the character of the home in which they would sit. The restaurant is an old plantation home with a traditional historic feel, so real contemporary or minimalist-modern arrangements would look completely out of place.

These two arrangements flank that beautiful gilded mirror above the large fireplace in the living room.

I don't remember seeing the painting before I picked the flowers for this arrangement, but I really must have. How could that be chance that I coordinated with that gorgeous oil painting?
 I think this is my favorite arrangement of the bunch, an asymmetrical arrangement of roses, lotus pods and orchids for the upstairs fireplace.
 And I apologize for the poor picture quality. You can just see the arrangement I made for the old TV cubby above the bar. It really is a lovely composition of peaches, pinks and ivory. I was trying to get pictures of everything during business hours with customers and employees here and there.

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