Bright Summer Colors

The last weekend of June, I did some work with Geny's Wholesale. Wow, was it FUN! I got to work on two different weddings/receptions. I am posting pictures of only the items that I worked on, with a couple of exceptions.

EVENT #1: a wedding and reception at Union Station Hotel.
Cute tussie-mussie for the mothers to carry. I love the idea of a small bouquet instead of a corsage. A small bouquet won't get smushed from hugging others like a shoulder corsage, you don't have to worry about pins snagging your special dress, and you can set it down if you don't want it with you for a little bit. Bridesmaid's bouquet. I love the choice of colors, so bright and cheery!I really liked the small shepherd's hooks for the guest tables. Ok, I didn't do this arrangement, but I just had to show it. Joan Presley of Geny's did this one. It was 15 feet long! It covered the entire mantle of the fireplace at Union Station Hotel. She did an incredible job and I am so glad I got to work with her on these events.
EVENT #2: Reception at a private home.
Joan started the bigger of the two arrangements, I finished it and did the smaller arrangement. It was such a cool set-up for the island in this couple's kitchen. Cake flowers. The cupcake idea is so darn cute. This really cool candelabra graced the entry foyer next to the stairwell.

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