Hot Summer, Hot Pink

4th of July weekend I did flowers for my friends' wedding. The bride picked pink, lots of pink. I said in my head "My cullas aah blush and bashful" about 1,000 times, a la Steele Magnolias, while working on this wedding. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink flowers!!! I love just about every flower, but anything pink steals the show every time for me.
This batch of photos are courtesy of Andrea McKay at Mint & Sage Photographic Artists.
All the girls carried pink bouquets in all shades of pink. Here is a beautiful shot of the bride's bouquet. One of the bridesmaids, also a good friend, rockin' some awesome shades with her bouquet. A group shot.

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Anonymous said...

as the mother of the bride for the Pink Pink wedding. I have to say the flowers were so pretty. Melissa does go above and beyond expectations. The flowers held up a really long time even after the wedding.I highly recommend her to anyone.Flowers in them selves are beautiful but it takes a true artist to arrange them,and Melissa is that.The smallest detail in preparing the flowers was not overlooked. I must say the cullurs of Blush and Bashful was truly beautiful. July 2008